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Changing the experience of renting for the better

Picture Living owns and looks after over 1,700 properties across England and Scotland. It is one the largest portfolios of private rental sector (PRS) property in the UK.  

We offer good quality, well-located and reasonably priced houses and flats for rent, on a range of lease terms, with low deposits and no hidden fees.

And Picture Living renters can expect a high-quality and responsive property management service, with a named property manager on hand to help when things go wrong. 

Number of homes by region


  • North West
  • Scotland
  • West Midlands


  • South East
  • South West


  • East Midlands


  • East of England
  • London
  • North East 
  • Yorkshire & Humber
  • Wales

Number of homes by region

  • 300+
  • 200-300
  • 100-200
  • 0-100

We’re in demand

A Growing Ambition

It’s no surprise that we are looking to grow the number of homes we can offer. The portfolio currently totals over 1,700 homes and we are actively looking for partners and new acquisitions.

Should you be an existing portfolio owner, developer or housebuilder and want to get in touch, please contact

Picture Living is backed by long-term, responsible, institutional capital and we are looking to invest in schemes with the following characteristics:


Towns and cities throughout mainland UK, in areas of high rental demand.

Each location should have good transport links, large and growing employment opportunities, highly rated schools close-by and access to local amenities such as parks, shops and playgrounds.


We are looking for schemes that comprise single family housing and/or smaller, unbroken blocks of apartments which appeal to a broad range of renters (including families, singles and couples). We prefer freeholds (or equivalent).

Properties should be built to a high standard (typically being new or nearly-new) and designed to be safe and secure with good environmental credentials. Schemes and the properties within should help to develop or maintain sustainable communities and the well-being of customers. 


We can undertake single transactions or larger portfolio acquisitions of houses or unbroken apartments blocks, comprising 30 – 100 homes in any one location

Properties can be acquired via standing asset acquisitions, forward commitments, or forward fund transactions.